Monday, July 18, 2011

A Farewell to Arms


"Because we would not wear any clothes because it was so hot and the window ope and the swallows flying over the roofs of the houses and when it was dark afterward and you went to the window very small bats hunting over the houses and closed down over the trees and we would drink the capri and the door locked and it hot and only a sheet and the whole night and we would both love each other all night in the hot night in Milan. That was how it ought to be. I would eat quickly and go see Catherine Barkley."


"You are drunk, baby. Who made me drunk? I made you drunk, said the major. I made you drunk because I love you and because America is in the war."


"I loved to take her hair down and she sat on the bed and kept very still, except suddenly she would dip down to kiss me while I was doing it, and I would take out the pins and lay them on the sheet and it would be loose and I would watch her while she kept verys till and then take out the last two pins and it would all come down and she would drop her head and we would both be inside of it, and it was the feeling of inside a tent or behind a falls.
She had wonderfully beautiful hair and I would lie sometimes and watcher twisting it up in the light that come in the open door and it shone even in the night as water shines sometimes just before it is really daylight."



Bint Al Rimal said...

As in seriously I stumbled upon your blog by mistake. I googled persian cats, and poooof your Mariah Carey article appeared featuring a white fluffy cat. Since I'm a poet and a novelist, your blog kinda intrigued me. Enfin, Ernest is amazing. Such an amazing soul, this summer I paid a visit to his Key West home. Like him, I found solace in that magnificent exotic sanctuary.

Regards from across the Atlantic Ocean

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